Sophisticated, nuanced, and a mark of good taste, those who prefer a Negroni tend to be the classiest people in the room. Dozens of variations exist, but our recipe doesn’t stray too far from what has made this cocktail a classic for more than a century. Made with pure Swiss glacial water, the botanicals of our Swiss Premium Dry Gin compliment the Red Vermouth and Campari perfectly, making for an elegant Negroni. 




Add all the ingredients to your mixing glass. Add two medium sized ice cubes and stir the mixture for 30 seconds. Fill your glass with one large ice cube and strain the mixture into your cocktail glass. Squeeze one orange peel over the cocktail glass to release the oils. Garnish with another orange peel.

Tip: Stir for at least 30 seconds, if there is still a little bit of a kick to the drink it means you have to stir it that little bit more.

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